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Duck Hunting Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult [VIDEO]

QUACK, QUACK, QUACK….. Duck hunting season is almost here. Are you ready?

Whether you are new to duck hunting or looking to sharpen your skills, Bill Cooper gives the basic information that every duck hunter needs to know.

You can learn about duck calling techniques, decoy setups, blind setups and species identification. This video has it all.

The video gives a quick tutorial on duck calling. It offers how to instructions for the basic quack, feeding chuckle, and comeback calls.

If you are looking at purchasing your first duck call, I recommend starting out with a double reed as opposed to a single. The double reed, being the easier of the two, is a more forgiving call that is excellent for beginners.

When putting out a decoy set, place two small groups 20-30 yards from your setup. Always leave an open space in the middle, separating the two groups.

The open area or “hole” offers a landing area for incoming ducks. It will also establish a shooting lane, as long as your two small decoy groups are spaced out properly.

Using multiple species of decoys along the banks and throughout your spread will give the ducks more confidence that they are entering a safe zone. Bill even suggests placing a few Canadian goose decoys on the outer edge of your setup.

Remember that ducks are migratory birds. Throughout the season as they migrate south, these ducks have seen just about every setup you can imagine.

Dress warm and be sure to have a good pair of insulated waders.

The excitement and challenge that duck hunting offers can be very addicting. Always check federal and state regulations, and remember to purchase a federal duck stamp. Get some buddies together this season and give it a try.

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Duck Hunting Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult [VIDEO]