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Duck Hunting 101 [VIDEO]

Duck Hunting 101

If you’ve never been duck hunting or just want a refresher on where to aim to bring down the ducks, check out this duck hunting 101 video.

As we inch ever closer to hunting season it is time for seasoned veterans to start practicing and getting re-acquainted with strategies and tactics for hunting season, and for those who have never hunted before to really get down to business and plan for their first season.

To help everyone involved we’ve found a great video from Fowl Fanatics showing many different hits and misses to help everyone get a good idea of exactly where to aim your shotgun this season to have the best chance to bring down the birds.

Whether you are actually taking notes and planning for the hunting season by watching this real world example of duck hunting or not, it is still fun to watch and enjoy what is still a few months away for most of us.

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Duck Hunting 101 [VIDEO]