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Duck Hunters Take the Swamp Boat Ride from Hell [VIDEO]

When you’re done duck hunting you have to get home. Wait until you see what these duck hunters had to do to get there.

This is one part crazy and two parts “let me out of this thing.”

Here’s everything you want in an epic boat ride. The only thing missing is a good explosion!

In the words of boat driver Freddy King:

When I say duck, we’re not lookin’ for feathers.

Duck hunting is one of our favorite pastimes. Duck hunting swamps only make it better.

Sometimes you have to travel the “skinny” water to get there, but get there you will. Boats equipped with a GoDevil or some other form of shallow water motor is the only way to get in or out of flooded timber or swampland.

Give these duck hunters credit for having the right captain on board. They fixed a fuel line problem, got over and around things a tank would have trouble with, and made it home safely.

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Duck Hunters Take the Swamp Boat Ride from Hell [VIDEO]