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Duck Hunt Turns into a Bear Rescue

This bear rescue proves that hunters really do care about the animals they hunt.

While on a waterfowl hunt in Alaska, this guy found a young Kodiak bear in distress, and his duck hunt quickly turned into a bear rescue.

Watch the video to see what this hunter discovered and how he dealt with this unusual situation.

Well, there’s nothing like a bear rescue to break up a slow day of duck hunting. As this hunter mentioned in the video, hunters on Kodiak island should be prepared to share the area, and the prey animals that it offers, with the island’s famous bears.

The video is also a reminder to trappers to be responsible about where and and how they place their sets in order to minimize impact on non-target species.

Hopefully, these hunters’ good deed lends them some good luck the next time they are out duck hunting.

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Duck Hunt Turns into a Bear Rescue