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Duck Dynasty Shirt Deemed Offensive

Is the term “redneck” offensive?

A teacher from a Florida school thought so, strongly enough so that a boy wearing a Duck Dynasty shirt with the term was asked to take it off because the word was deemed a slur.

The shirt features Uncle Si, many viewers’ favorite member of the Robertson family, and the phrase “Redneck of the Year.”

Here’s video on the story from HLN:

The incident prompted a reaction from the boy’s mother, Bronwyn Ramsey, who said the term isn’t offensive and that there are

The principal of the school has since apologized and said the boy can wear the Duck Dynasty shirt deemed offensive by the teacher as often as he pleases, perhaps in an attempt at rectifying the issue in the wake of national media attention.

What are your thoughts? Does a shirt that says “redneck” deserve to be forcibly removed from a public school? Was the school employee who said the word is a slur acting with good judgement? Leave a comment and let us know how you feel. 

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Duck Dynasty Shirt Deemed Offensive