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Duck Dynasty Drug Scandal?

With all of the fame surrounding the “Duck Dynasty” clan, the Robertson family’s lives have become a fishbowl for the outside world to gawk at.

Men of God, avoiding alcohol, curse words and infidelity, it seems they are the perfect role models for families across the United States — with one exception.

According to the October edition of Men’s Journal, all the Robertson men seem to have an affinity for chewing tobacco. Yes, the worn out circle can be seen in their back pockets too, a sign of what some are labeling a “drug scandal.”

“When you’re dealing with young men,” Phil Robertson told Men’s Journal, “for lack of a better term, it’s best for them to discover the great outdoors. And in my humble opinion, to make sure they stay men, give them a little chewing tobacco from time to time. Spitting on the ground is a sign of maleness in our culture down here.”

The men won’t be seen dipping on air, which begs the question, why is it kept from the cameras? Many of the overtly religious conversations are chopped and edited to fit for TV too, a sign that A&E wants some things away from the public eye.

While A&E may be censoring the show, the men are open about their past struggles, offering insight into overcoming drug and alcohol addictions.

When Si was drafted into the army for the Vietnam War, he said that “alcohol and whoring around became [his] way of life.” Cleaning up their acts after becoming a Christians, Si and Phil are now cast into a unique spotlight. With the attention they have all been receiving, both positive and negative, the family has stayed humble.

“Look, I worry that people put us on a pedestal now,” Si said in the Men’s Journal story. “We’re human beings. We make mistakes just like everybody else.”

Many members of the family have dealt with alcoholism and drug addictions in their pasts, some have never touched any of it, but everyone says they have moved on and are clean.

“I’ve never done drugs,” Jase told Men’s Journal. “And I’ve never been drunk.”

The men seem unperturbed with these latest rumors. They are still hunting, still ribbing one another and still spreading their Christian message, with the occasional break for some chew.

Wide Open Spaces has no opinion on the report, but welcomes our readers’ thoughts on whether or not this is a serious issue, and worthy of attention as “Duck Dynasty” continues its path to the top of the television listings. Share your comments below.

Photo via A&E.

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Duck Dynasty Drug Scandal?