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“The Duck Commander Family Musical” is Coming to Las Vegas


Chippendales, Penn & Teller, and now "Duck Dynasty." The Robertsons are making a musical.

According to the New York Times, the Duck Commander crew is taking the story behind their wildly successful duck call company, and the ensuing juggernaut that is Duck Dynasty, to the stage in "The Duck Commander Family Musical."

The show is on schedule to begin rehearsals soon and debut at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas this February.

Though you can bet the trademark beards and hunting heritage will be in the spotlight, the Robertsons themselves won't appear in the show. Actors will play the parts of the family members, and the 90-minute show will spin off of Willie Robertson's 2012 book of the same name, written with his wife Korie.

Already the show has earned some criticism, mainly stemming from the controversy started nearly a year ago.

Last December, family patriarch Phil Robertson ended up in hot water after a GQ interview shared some of his strong opinions about homosexuality. A suspension from A&E lasted all of nine days, when the network gave in to those claiming anti-Christian bias.

"The show will end up challenging the views and assumptions of people across the political spectrum, more than most theater does," Michael David, the Broadway producer who is developing the show, told the Times. "The Robertsons are so unusual, their story so juicy, and theater shouldn't be limited to telling stories about people you resemble or revere."

From the Times:

The show is expected to feature video of the real Robertsons and duck hunting, interspersed among family anecdotes and a 14-song score that mixes country, blues and show tunes. The likely opening number is "Faith, Food, and Family."

After the duck calls, television show, endless merchandise sales, and now a musical, what do the Robertsons have left to do? Land on a comet?

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“The Duck Commander Family Musical” is Coming to Las Vegas