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Duck Calling Tips and the Inconvenient Truth

Get some duck calling tips from the pros for the newcomer to the blind.

Mossberg's Rugged American Hunter gives some proven duck calling tips for those new to the blind and the great sport of waterfowling.

The somewhat surprising and inconvenient truth for us old hands at duck hunting is to let the newer guys get in there and do some calling also. While it may not be pretty at the start this is the only way these newcomers will learn. I myself am no champion caller, rather a meat caller, but I have to remember to let the new guys that I take out do some calling themselves. They will get better and you will be involving them more in the hunt.

Don't hesitate this coming season to introduce a youth or new hunter to waterfowling; let them immerse themselves in the sport and even get them using a duck call. While it may not be music to your ears they will thank you for it and you will help create lasting memories.

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Duck Calling Tips and the Inconvenient Truth