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Duck Call Ringtone Saves 6 Ducklings from Storm Drain [VIDEO]

A duck call ringtone helped a firefighter in Louisiana rescue six ducklings that were trapped in a storm drain.

This is what you get with a ringtone app that has comforting sounds of a quacking mother hen and a Louisiana firefighter with the patience of a saint.

Even armed with a “mother hen” mobile phone it took St. Tammany Fire District fireman Cody Knecht 90 minutes to save the ducklings and restore faith in humanity.

Watch this rescue.

Slidell, Louisiana is in the southeastern portion of a state known for its duck population. When ducklings are stuck in a storm sewer, just call the fire department and watch them work their magic.

Who knew a duck call ringtone could save the day and help rescue six trapped ducklings?

All six ducklings were reunited with their mother in a canal behind a nearby home where the baby mallards were seen entering the storm drain.


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Duck Call Ringtone Saves 6 Ducklings from Storm Drain [VIDEO]