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Dubuque Fire Department Practices Ice Rescue [VIDEO]

As lakes and ponds begin to freeze, the Dubuque Fire Department took to the water for ice rescue practice. 

We all enjoy ice skating and ice fishing on the frozen waters near our homes, but sometimes we find ourselves on thin ice.

The Dubuque Fire Department spent a day in the water, practicing ice rescue techniques and shared some important information to help you stay safe out there.

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The Dubuque Fire Department demonstrated the best strategy for getting someone out of the ice, is to first try and pull them out from a distance.

Fireman Greg Harris told reporters, “[We try to] reach them with a pole or something long, or we throw a rope to them. Our last option is actually sending [someone] in [the water.] That’s the last resort that we are going to do. We want to make sure that we have them tethered and then we have to pull our patient into the shore.”

It’s still early in the season, and many of the lakes and ponds in your area could be too thin, remember the best ice is three to four inches think.

Next time you’re on the ice bring a pickaxe, some rope, and have a strategy to perform your own ice rescue.

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Dubuque Fire Department Practices Ice Rescue [VIDEO]