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How to Dual Wield Glocks Like a Boss [VIDEO]

dual wield glocks

If you ever wanted to see the right way to dual wield Glocks, this video is a must-see!

It only takes a few seconds of watching Russian shooter Vitaly Kryuchin dual wielding Glocks to see that he is truly a master of his art.

Like something out of an old spaghetti Western, Kryuchin hits target after target from both hands as he walks forward.

He is such an advanced shooter that he doesn’t even look down the sights and still maintains deadly accuracy.

Shooting any sort of firearm or weapon platform is an art that takes a lot of time and practice to perfect. Most of us will never get to the level of the professional shooters who put on impressive displays of accuracy and skill and make it look easy as they do so.

However, thanks to the prevalence of YouTube and HD video cameras, we amateurs can watch in awe as pro shooters show us how it’s done.

Kryuchin has many such videos on his YouTube channel.

He also takes the time to respond to the people who comment on his videos, and some of his answers are amazing to read. He shoots more than 20,000 rounds each year to maintain and improve his skill and is able to call his shots even while point shooting.

I don’t think I’ve shot 20,000 rounds in my life, or even anywhere close to that. His dedication is truly remarkable.

Kryuchin definitely deserves more recognition, so make sure to share this article with all of your shooting buddies so they can see him dual wield Glocks like he was born with them in his hands.

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How to Dual Wield Glocks Like a Boss [VIDEO]