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DRYFT Waders: What Every Fly Fisherman Wants Under the Tree This Year

All images via from DRFYT

DRYFT is everything you need in waders, just reimagined. 

I see a lot of fishing products. Working in the outdoors industry brings perks in regards to seeing what most companies offer. However, very little of this gear do I actually use. The stuff I take with me on fishing trips is what I trust. Coincidentally, it’s also what I write about. DRYFT is a company that has been quickly rising on my list of trusted brands, and if you are looking for waders, they should be on your list, too.

If you follow social media at all, or maybe even a few in-the-know fishing circles, then you have probably heard about DRYFT. I’ve been hearing their name for a few years now, but not until recently did I actually look them up. I’m glad I did.

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I talked with Nick Satushek, the Business Development leader for DRYFT, about what’s in store for this Holiday season, as well as just who they are as a company. His answers pretty much confirmed my suspicions.

“DRYFT was founded in 2012 with the mission to freshen up what’s available for waders and fishing specific outerwear. We’re located in Bellingham, WA and spend the majority of our time fishing for salmon and steelhead all over the Pacific Northwest. We test our gear in the rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula, and have a great time doing it.”

So what makes DRYFT such an exciting company, especially to fly fishing? They make waders that are stylish and actually something you would want to wear! Not only do these things look good, they are also the most comfortable and functional on the market. Flexible knees pretty much eliminate wader-walk, and adjustable straps and belts stop clothes from bunching up underneath.


You can find all the info here that will make you want to own them, but some of my favorite features of the brand new Primo Zip-Front include a zipper that makes going to the bathroom and putting them on much easier. There’s also a dedicated cell phone pocket and zippered fleece pockets for your hands. If you’ve ever fished Colorado in the winter, then you know that is awesome.

What’s even more impressive about DRYFT is that they only sell their gear online. All shipping is free and comes with a one year warranty.

Pay attention here in the next couple weeks. Make sure you follow DRYFT on Facebook and Twitter because I have some inside knowledge that a few Christmas deals might be making their way soon. This is one gift the fly fisherman in your family would absolutely love.


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DRYFT Waders: What Every Fly Fisherman Wants Under the Tree This Year