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The Oldman River Should Be Your Next Fly Fishing Destination

Dry fly fishing for cutthroats on this remote wilderness stream known as the Oldman River is every fly anglers' dream.

With thousands of square miles of public land and one of the best freestone trout rivers in North America, dry fly fishing for cutthroats is a true treat.

Take a quick virtual trip of this Rocky Mountain foothills stream and see why you have to go west.

This is one of those rivers fly anglers lay awake at night dreaming of. The Oldman, while fairly remote, has great access via logging roads and trails. With their public land policy allowing you to camp virtually anywhere you care to spike your tent or park your trailer, it is a choice destination. Even with increased publicity, you can still head into the foothills and not see another angler for days on end.

When I think of retirement, I think of the Oldman and spending a month exploring its bends, pools and rapids, catching cutties and enjoying a campfire after a long day.

For more information on Alberta outdoor fishing opportunities see this link. With a strong American dollar, this is the summer to fulfill your fly fishing mountain stream dream.


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The Oldman River Should Be Your Next Fly Fishing Destination