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Drunk Monkey Business? Researchers Find Alcoholic Chimpanzees

Alcoholic Chimp
The Sun

These alcoholic chimps have fashioned innovative tools that they use for nothing other than gettin' drunk!

A team of researchers in West Africa have found a group of alcoholic chimps. Yes, you read that correctly, alcoholic chimps. These boozing primates love nothing more than to spend their time drinking the fermented sap from the local raffia palms. This fermented sap leave the chimps intoxicated and visibly disoriented.

The chimps have becomes so desirous of this raw form of ethanol that they have even begun to use 'leaf sponges' to soak it up. Researchers report that they observed 'all ages and sex classes' ingesting the ethanol on a regular basis. Some of them ingesting 'significant amounts' that render them drunk and disoriented at times.

Below is a rare video of a chimp harvesting the ethanol.

Dr. Kimberly Hockings, a PHD in Biological Anthropology, had this to say:

"Some individuals were estimated to have consumed about 85ml of alcohol (which is the equivalent to 8.5 UK units) and displayed behavioural signs of inebriation, including falling asleep shortly after drinking. Our research demonstrates that there is not a strict aversion to food containing ethanol in this chimpanzee community. This new use of elementary technology shows once again how clever and enterprising humankind's nearest living relations are."

This kind of research is always fascinating to learn more about, and we look forward to following any updates as research progresses!


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Drunk Monkey Business? Researchers Find Alcoholic Chimpanzees