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Drunk Vandals Who Killed Rare Fish in Nevada May Have Been Found

A $15,000 reward was offered for information leading to the arrest of three men who went on a drunken rampage in Death Valley National Park.

Three men who went on a drunken bender inside Death Valley National Park and allegedly killed a rare and endangered pupfish may have been identified by authorities.

The three men were caught on security cameras riding in on a blue colored Yamaha Rhino; an off-road vehicle that was "extensively customized with an added seat and safety cage," authorities said.

The men can be seen on video shooting guns at area signs, gate locks, and security system sensors, firing at least 10 rounds. A You Tube video provided by GeoBeats News even shows one of the men's legs wading through an area designed to show video of the endangered pupfish underwater via the Devils Hole Pupfish Cam.

After viewing the security video authorities wasted no time in posting a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the individuals responsible, but after finding one of the pupfish dead, a fish that is thought to only have 200-300 of the species left, they added another $10,000 to the bounty.


Now officials have reportedly identified the individuals responsible for the act that left behind beer cans, vomit, and empty shell casings. The National Park Service and law enforcement officials haven't released the names of the three men citing an ongoing investigation.

Ileene Anderson, a scientist from the Center for Biological Diversity said that the Devils Hole pupfish has been on the brink of extinction for years and that "the last thing they need are these idiots running amok in the last place on Earth where they still survive."

Photos via LA Times


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Drunk Vandals Who Killed Rare Fish in Nevada May Have Been Found