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Drunken Squirrel Ate Too Many Fermented Berries [VIDEO]

A drunken squirrel gets carried away eating berries.

Of the many animals that are out there, I would never have pictured a squirrel that is drunk. I am not convinced; is he really drunk?

In this video though, we get to see a squirrel that either has exceeded the legal limit or is a bit over dramatic. Bought with Blood uploaded this video to YouTube.

The video quality isn’t great and it’s pretty shaky, but I will let you be the judge of whether or not this squirrel is truly drunk.

It is quite interesting to watch this little guy fall over. I’m wondering if maybe he was dizzy?

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I also wonder if this squirrel has done this before and gotten people to feed him.  If this is the case, maybe he needs to get a career in show business.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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Drunken Squirrel Ate Too Many Fermented Berries [VIDEO]