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Brawl in the Outback: Drunk Feral Pig Picks Fight With Cow

drunk feral pig

After slamming 18 cans of beer it stole from campers, a drunk feral pig went on a rampage and picked a fight with a cow at a campsite in Australia.

Campers at the DeGrey River rest area in Western Australia learned the hard way they need to secure their alcohol, as well as their food, from wildlife. A feral pig stole three six packs of beer from campers, crushed the cans, then guzzled the beer in them. The drunk feral pig then went on an alcohol induced rampage at the campsite.

As reported in The Guardian, the behavior of the drunk feral pig was not too different from the behavior of drunk humans: the pig gorged itself on unsecured food at the campsite then picked a fight with a much larger creature, in this case a cow. Not surprisingly, the intoxicated pig lost the fight and was seen by campers that night running for its life with the cow in hot pursuit.

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The pig was spotted the next morning sleeping off the effects of the night before under a tree. Especially after having such a crazy night, I’ll bet he had quite a headache when he woke up. The only thing missing from this story is the pig drunk texting his ex-girlfriend…

This is just another reason to make sure you properly secure all your food when camping: the last thing you need is a drunk feral pig (or a bear) to mess up your trip.

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Have you ever encountered a drunk feral pig or other wild animal before? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Brawl in the Outback: Drunk Feral Pig Picks Fight With Cow