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Drug Smugglers Caught Using Kayaks To Import Chinese Meth [VIDEO]

Australian police caught five drug smugglers trying ship crystal meth from China inside of sit on top kayaks, often used by anglers.

The drug smugglers stored the meth inside of kayaks in sealed shipping containers, according to Last week, police arrested four individuals, three men and one women, who tried to retrieve the container from a warehouse near Sydney.

Police found 183 kilos of meth — worth an estimated street value of $162 million — stuffed in the compartments of 19 of the 27 kayaks. The police also arrested another man from Kensington, Australia in connection with the meth smuggling.

Four of the accused drug smugglers are Taiwanese. Three of them were charged with possession of a commercial quantity of drugs. Two of them were charged with attempting to import illegal drugs. Each of them are facing life in prison if convicted. They were all denied bail, and will appear in a Sydney court today.

A few months ago, the Australian police intercepted another large meth shipment from China. The meth was stored inside of truck tires, and the total shipment was worth around AU $200 million.

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Drug Smugglers Caught Using Kayaks To Import Chinese Meth [VIDEO]