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DRT .308 Winchester Terminal Shock Ammo Demo [VIDEO]

The engineers at Dynamic Research Technologies provide some cutting edge penetrating frangible ammo.

This is an impressive demo of penetrating frangible .308 Winchester ammo in action from the host of GY6vids. This ammunition is available in all the common calibers from Dynamic Research Technologies and has proven popular with law enforcement, for home defense and hunter applications.

Watch as it is tested against various targets from a watermelon, shoulder of pork and on up to a brick, shot from a Weatherby Vanguard series 2 rifle. The destructive force is impressive and captured in slow motion.

Dynamic Research Technologies provides some impressive lead free, penetrating frangible ammunition which has massive effects on soft targets but won’t over-penetrate and carry on through things you don’t want it to.

This ammo may be the right choice for your needs, be it hunting, on the range or at home.

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DRT .308 Winchester Terminal Shock Ammo Demo [VIDEO]