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How to Rig Drop Shot Gummy Worms and Twizzlers for Bass

Here’s to drop-shotting gummy worms and Twizzlers candy in search of a sweet-tooth largemouth.

You may have seen Lonny Brooks of Fishing Addicts Northwest hook steelhead on gummy worms rigged on a jighead under a float, but do bass have the same sweet-tooth as steelhead?

A challenge of sweet vs. savory, these two anglers put themselves up against each other with Gary Yamamoto’s Senkos vs. gummy worms and Twizzlers candy. While the wacky rigged gummy worms seemed to be less effective drawing strikes that day, the Twizzlers are another story.

As it turns out, the anise flavored licorice is more than this bass can resist, after all, Twizzlers makes mouths happy.

The Twizzlers rigged on a size two Gamakatsu drop-shot hook with a 3/16-ounce Picasso Cylinder Tungsten weight out-fishes the Gary Yamamoto five-inch Senko, green flash/watermelon rigged on a Gamakatsu 4/0 ewg worm hook.

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How to Rig Drop Shot Gummy Worms and Twizzlers for Bass