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Drop Any Deer with Hornady’s New American Whitetail Slugs [VIDEO]


Hornady’s American Whitetail slugs will make sure you pack your freezer with venison this year. 

Hornady’s American Whitetail line is known among every deer hunter as being premium rifle ammunition. They recently decided to expand the name over into the shotgun world with their new powerful slugs for the 2015 hunting season.

They took their famous interlock bullet technology and modified it down into a 325-grain hollow point slug. This brings shotgun accuracy while hunting to a whole new level.

You will be running to the store to purchase some once you see them in action.

If you like to deer hunt with a shotgun then slugs are definitely the way to go. While buckshot does have its advantages when up close they lose their killing power and run the possibility of damaging large amounts of meat from further distances.

A slug on the other hand is capable of delivering devastating killing power up close and at distances up to 100 yards away. Like a rifle cartridge, they do a lot less damage to the surrounding area than shot would.

Generally I use a shotgun because the places I hunt are thickly wooded and don’t give me the leeway to use a rifle effectively. After seeing this I am really interested in trying out these new slugs and the increased accuracy they will offer me.

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Drop Any Deer with Hornady’s New American Whitetail Slugs [VIDEO]