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Drone Captures Massive Flash Flood in Southern Utah Wilderness [VIDEO]


Flash floods are among the most destructive forces on the planet and this drone footage proves it.

Perfect conditions are bringing on heavy and severe thunderstorms in parts of southern Utah. Devastating and powerful flash flood risks are at an all time high as monsoon season reaches its peak over many parts of the area.

Photographer David Rankin is a known storm chaser is southern Utah. He grabbed his gear and drone to head out to the Paria Wilderness to capture the raw power the storms were producing. He didn’t fall short as the area was pounded with three inches of ran in a little more than an hour, causing a massive flash flood.

It is just incredible to see that much water come rushing out from those canyons and dried-up river beds. The amount of debris they were pushing was also impressive, especially at the one point it didn’t even look like water, but instead a flowing mass of trees.

I hope everyone continues to be safe in Utah and the surrounding states from these major storms and flash floods.

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Drone Captures Massive Flash Flood in Southern Utah Wilderness [VIDEO]