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Drone Captures Footage of White Whale Calf Off Australian Coast

white whale

White right whale calf sighted off Australian coast. 

Coming right on the heels of an albino orca whale sighting, researchers have captured some amazing drone footage of a white southern right whale calf in Australia.

Taken off the coast of southwestern Australia, the researchers from Murdoch University have been utilizing drones and other technologies in an effort to learn more about these giants of the ocean.

Hear the researchers talk about their work and see some footage of the white whale calf in the video below.

Pretty cool stuff these researchers are doing and the footage of the white whale calf is spectacular.

Albino or leucistic whales were first made famous in the literary classic “Moby Dick.” But in recent years, video and photos have been captured of whales with these skin pigmentation conditions have been captured more and more often.

An albino humpback was seen at least twice last year off New Zealand, once in July and then again in August.

And much more recently, researchers re-spotted an albino orca whale known as Iceberg, an animal that had not been seen in four years and was feared dead.

It’s a good thing the Captain Ahab from Moby Dick is just a fictional character, he’d be having a heart attack from all these white whale sightings!


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Drone Captures Footage of White Whale Calf Off Australian Coast