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Drone Bothering You? Here’s How You Take It Out

Did this guy on the jet ski take out an unwanted drone, or did he just smash the expensive camera that was filming him?

When you see the mad air this guy gets on his jet ski you’ll be amazed, it’s just that you may never get to see the great footage that a drone was taking at the time.

While it’s likely that this was accidental you couldn’t ask for a better shot. This guy either made the best take-out of a drone ever, or he owes his buddy a new one. Head to the end of the video to see the collision.

Thanks again to the Yamaha New Zealand team for posting the great video. We’re betting the operator of the drone got some spectacular footage right before they had to go and pick up the pieces.


No one ever said that filming over the water would be easy, but thanks to these intrepid guys for trying!



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Drone Bothering You? Here’s How You Take It Out