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Drivers Beware: The Rut is Coming [VIDEO]

50% off all deer collisions occur between October and December, according to the Indiana DNR. It’s quite easy to figure out the reason behind it: the rut.

Deer are more active during this time of the year, mating season, than any other point in the year with November being the peak for most of the United States. The peak can run all the way into January as far south as Alabama and Mississippi.

Drivers everywhere, especially those who live in areas with high deer density, should really start paying extra attention. Young bucks are driven by the urge to mate and often make some very unintelligent decisions attempting to do so.

The best option is to slow down when you see those eyes shining in the night or just spot one in the daylight.

If a collision in unavoidable, here’s your best option;  “If you’re going to hit the deer, you’re better off just hitting it, then moving to a safe direction rather than trying to swerve and run into something else or somebody else, so you’re better off just driving through the object in that situation,” said Conservation Officer William Dale.

Words that could save your life, if you were to encounter a situation like this. Be careful this rut and we hope you tag the buck you’re after, just not with your car.

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Drivers Beware: The Rut is Coming [VIDEO]