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Drive Hunts Compilation – Intense Scenes of High Speed Game [VIDEO]

Drive hunts are intense, requiring split-second decisions and excellent marksmanship.

Drive hunts are a whole lot more than simply pushing animals to waiting shooters who easily pick them off.

An effective drive hunt, be it for whitetail deer or wild hogs, demands consideration for a number of factors: wind, terrain, an animal’s natural movement lanes, choice and placement of drivers and shooters, of course safety, and more.

It can be exciting and intense. Animals sometimes saunter ahead of the drivers, offering relatively simple shots at slow moving targets.

Other times the action is furious as animals, whether alone or occasionally in significant numbers, hurtle past standers at full bore, demanding lightning-fast decisions and extreme marksmanship.

Watch this short compilation of a variety of game rushing ahead of a drive, along with some outstanding shooting.

Hunters Video has produced scores of full-length hunting films, including films that show heart-pumping drive hunt situations such as these shown here.

They describe drive hunting:

Driven hunting is one of the most challenging types of hunting we have. The hunters must not only be able to hit a moving target but also be patient and capable of selecting and taking the right animal within a few seconds. This film shows it all and offers intense excitement and a lot of action in the drives where the hunters take red, fallow and roe deer as well as mouflon, red fox and wild boars.

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Drive Hunts Compilation – Intense Scenes of High Speed Game [VIDEO]