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Drive-By Deer Shooting in British Columbia

Flickr/Shawn McCready

Police search for suspects in drive-by deer shootings near Vancouver Island.

Residents of an Oak Bay neighborhood in British Columbia notified police of a drive-by deer shooting around 7:30pm on Wednesday evening.

The residents state they saw a white van driving around noticing deer gather in the area when they heard, what they believe to be, gun shots at which point the deer ran.

A large buck was seen in the back yard of a home, yet when the residents went to check on the deer, it was no longer there. The deer exhibited behavior that led the residents to believe he was injured and they found significant blood left behind.

Unfortunately, neither the buck nor any suspects have been found or connected with this incident as of yet. According to CTV News, law enforcement in the area is still working to identify the driver and any other possible suspects. The vehicle responsible is noted as “a late 90s white minivan” per CTV News.

Anyone with information regarding this incident are encouraged to call Oak Bay Police at 250-592-2424 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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Drive-By Deer Shooting in British Columbia