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Drinking Straw Survival Uses That Might Just Save Your Life [VIDEO]

Drinking straws can make your hiking or camping experience much more pleasurable. They might even save your life. 

In this video, you will see some of the amazing uses for drinking straws.

Drinking straws are compact and easy to seal; they can be used to store fluids, fire starters, spices, or medication.

The straws are watertight and can protect things like matches. Just cut your straw to the correct length, take pliers and a lighter, then seal off the ends.

The cotton ball fire starter is also very useful. It is easy to use, burns well, and saves you time.

When hiking or backcountry camping, weight plays a big factor in where you will be able to go. With these straws you can take small amounts of things that sometimes you wouldn’t be able to pack.

You can even color code your straws or use clear straws to be able to see what is inside. Straws are resealable or they can be folded and capped off. If you find that you are trying to pack something in a straw that is just a tad bit too big, turn to a wider milkshake straw. Once you find what works best for you, throw a rubber band around all your straws and put them in a small pocket in your pack.

Hopefully some of these uses will be helpful to you. Experiment for yourself and see what you can fit into a straw.

The uses are endless.

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Drinking Straw Survival Uses That Might Just Save Your Life [VIDEO]