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Drift-Boating Products to Look for in 2016

Alan Settles

Coming to a sportsman’s show near you, be on the lookout for these new and innovative boating products in 2016.

Are you ready for the next generation of drift-boating products? If you are heading to any trade shows this season, keep your eye out for these products.

“Next Generation” Pro Loks

The earlier model encapsulated oar locks have grown in popularity among guides and drift-boating anglers for the smooth and quiet operation.

However, the “Next-Gen Pro Loks” feature a design with easy-access and removal of the oars from their locked position, which can make swapping out a spare much faster and safer.

Unlike traditional brass U-shaped oar locks, the Pro Loks prevent oars from popping out of the locks while you’re drifting downriver.


Holdzit Plug Vise

Holdzit tool sheaths and holsters are innovative products that prevent your tools from getting rusty. However, this new design from Holdzit is a standing vise for salmon plugs, so anglers can safely use both hands while wrapping bait onto the plugs, much like the way a fly-tying vise operates.

Rather than fastening to the hook, the device fastens to the eyelet, presenting the belly of the plug from a number of different anglers that make preparing it for fishing much easier and safer when drift-boating.

Clackacraft Easy Launch

This trailer accessory has two rollers that extend upward when you push a pedal on the side of the trailer with your foot. With the bowline in hand, the rollers push the bow of the boat and it rolls smoothly off the back of the trailer.

The Clackacraft Easy Launch fastens onto the trailer with the use of a pair of u-bolts, a simple installation that can be done at home by a single person.

Hook and Moor

This magic wand of sorts makes coming into port a breeze. While gangly, spindly telescoping hooks give some reach to the dock, this one in particular threads rope onto the cleat.

The Hook and Moor system makes it much more efficient than reaching out over the bow and fumbling with rope and an additional tool to grab the cleat to pull the boat to the dock.

This all-in-one gadget is sure to grip the attention of boaters, as it simultaneously hooks the cleat, threads the mooring line and pulls it back to the boat in one simple motion.

Are you ready for the 2016 fishing season?


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Drift-Boating Products to Look for in 2016