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Your Dream Tropical Beach is a Pile of Fish Poop [VIDEO]

Those beautiful white sand beaches come from an unexpected source.

A single humphead parrotfish can pass 11,000 pounds (!) of sand per year.

Check out the video to see what you are sunbathing on:

As it turns out, parrotfish munch on coral, biting with their substantial front teeth, and grinding it with molars in the back of their throats called pharyngeal teeth (goldfish have 'em, too!).

The indigestible coral grit remaining is excreted and washed ashore, where it then sprouts expensive resorts, beach chairs, and cuddling honeymooners.

These beneficial species actually have habits that may be more strange than pooping out beaches: for protection, the juveniles encase themselves in cocoons of mucus while they sleep. Scientists think these snot-swaddles protect them from either parasites or predators.

If that weren't enough, many parrotfish are able to change from female to male, without the aid of doctors, surgery, or ESPN courage awards.

At least parrotfish don't eat their own feces, like rabbits do.

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Your Dream Tropical Beach is a Pile of Fish Poop [VIDEO]