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Dream Texas Fishing Destination: The Narrows

Try the Narrows on the Blanco River for your next Texas fishing trip.

Texas Hill Country boasts dozens of beautiful rivers and creeks with access to fishing, but The Narrows on the Blanco River take it to a whole new level of awesome.

Located on the beautiful Blanco River, The Narrows are outside of Blanco, Texas, about an hour west of Austin.

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The Narrows is not only a great bass fishing destination, but is also a beautiful hike and paddle. The long hike or paddle in is arduous to say the least. If the water runs out, ditch the kayaks and continue the trek on foot.

Perhaps this summer is the perfect opportunity for that kayak trip you always wanted to take. The paddle to The Narrows is half the adventure, as the land surrounding the river is private property.

As far as I know, you must make a friend who owns land on the water, find a cabin to rent through the Wellspring Retreat Center or hike or paddle from the closest access point, which is the Valley View crossing.

The Narrows have gained a reputation for being particularly beautiful, pristine, and hardly traveled due to certain endangered species and fragile ecosystems. It is important to be responsible, respectful stewards of this land as it has remained protected for years by the Texas Land Conservancy.

Be sure to check out this link for details about legal access to the water.

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Dream Texas Fishing Destination: The Narrows