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‘Dream Home’ Defined by This Lakeside Minnesota Log Cabin [VIDEO]

Gawk at the incredible views of this Minnesota log cabin, sure to be any fisherman’s dream home.

Admit it, you love watching videos like this. National Geographic’s “Cabin Fever” has captured the attention of plenty of outdoorsmen, since their work is often incorporated into beautiful scenery and done in places far from the big city, where we like to hang out.

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This specific home being built in Northern Minnesota fits the bill. Check out these views, and picture yourself walking out that back door to the lake for some fishing…


That’s a heck of a lot more work than your typical log cabin, but it’s some mighty fine craftsmanship for sure.

Who would have thought archways in a log cabin would look that cool. We’d probably devote an entire room to fishing gear, and have a nice outdoor kitchen to cook our catch. What would you have in your dream fishing cabin?

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‘Dream Home’ Defined by This Lakeside Minnesota Log Cabin [VIDEO]