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Dream Fly Fishing Destination: Kamchatka Peninsula [VIDEO]

Said to be the “home of the Rainbow Trout,” Kamchatka Peninsula is an epic dream fly fishing destination.

The Peninsula is located in far east Russia. It is home to several volcanoes, rivers and some of the best trout fishing in the world.

It is truly a bucket list destination. Thanks to Greg Heister for uploading it to YouTube.

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In this video, Heister says, “This is the real deal. No one’s out here to help… we’re out here all alone, catching big rainbows.”

He mentions that most Americans don’t know anything about this region of the world, let alone the enormity of the fishing potential.

With solitude in nature comes some risk, as there are bears and other wildlife which, if not treated with respect and stewardship, might not treat you very nice either.

Fishing Kamchatka is not for the faint of heart. Heister calls it an awesome place, a “true blue wilderness,” that both humbles and enlightens those who visit.

What’s your dream fly fishing destination?

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Dream Fly Fishing Destination: Kamchatka Peninsula [VIDEO]