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The Draw of the Hunt [VIDEO]

Two ambitious filmmakers beautifully illustrate the fascination of the hunt.

Written and directed by Ryan Wheeler and TC Worley, The Draw depicts the ritualistic preparation and execution of a profound bowhunting excursion.

The amazing cinematography and exceptional dialogue of this short film will make you want to escape into the woods and get in touch with nature.


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What is the draw? For many hunters it's much more than the hunt itself, it's the unique chance to find profound connections with our natural world. By escaping into the woods with nothing more than camouflage and a bow, archers are able to abscond the hollow distractions of everyday life and find a space for purposeful reflection.

"The Church of the Woods," epitomizes the sense of peace many hunters obtain on the hunt. To be truly still and hear only silence, is something that often goes undervalued. Life's to short to postpone these adventures, seize the day and find what draws you.

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The Draw of the Hunt [VIDEO]