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Refresh Your Concealed Carry Draw with This Tutorial

Have a look at this demo of how to draw from the concealed carry: it may save your life.

If you concealed carry, you likely practice it at the range or as a dry fire drill, like any other skill set. This builds muscle memory so that it becomes second nature under extreme stress, which is exactly the condition concealed carry people are likely to find themselves in when that weapon is required to protect their life.

Have a look as one of the hosts of Range Time Tactical Shooting shows techniques for concealed carry draws, even one handed drills.

Those are some good tips on drawing from the concealed carry to effectively get your pistol into action.

If you conceal carry as part of your profession or as a citizen, you know that practicing these drills at the range are critical so that you can rapidly move from the draw. It’s presentation speed and accuracy that counts in those first few seconds.

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Refresh Your Concealed Carry Draw with This Tutorial