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Dramatic Slow Motion Firing of Historic Pedersen .276 Rifle

Here's a fascinating slow motion look at a Pedersen .276, a firearm that was at one time the favored choice to become the U.S. Army's new semi-auto combat rifle.

The Pedersen .276 firing and ejection mechanism is one of the more visually dramatic or "showy" semi-auto mechanisms ever invented.

Utilizing a delayed blowback toggle mechanism the rifle ejects shell casings and clips straight up rather the from the side as with most modern semi-autos.

The lightning speed of the knee joint-like operating system and the way that it works, in a sense, "outside" of the rifle, make for a very striking visual.

The .276 was the creation of John Pedersen, a monumental figure in the history of firearm design. Many of the firearm innovations and guns we enjoy today are the direct result of Pedersen's engineering design genius.

The great John Browning himself called Pedersen, "the greatest gun designer in the world".

The most iconic military rifle in U.S. Army history is arguably the M1 Garand. The Pedersen .276 came very close to being chosen over the M1 as the Army's primary combat rifle, but that is a story all its own, and one that we will be covering in a future article.

For now, please enjoy this look at one of history's more interesting firearms in full operation.

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Dramatic Slow Motion Firing of Historic Pedersen .276 Rifle