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Dramatic Shootout in Milwaukee Store Caught on Camera [VIDEO]

Here's another 'good guy with a gun' story. A store owner fires on would-be robbers and killers rushing through a smashed door.

All good people should be proud of the way Rami Murrar responded to an imminent threat to his life and his business.

When at least three criminals with deadly intentions violently assaulted Murrar's store, he acted with deliberation and good sense.

Murrar owns Bouchards, an apparel store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Surveillance videos show the intruders ramming a van into the store entrance, taking out the concrete pylons in front of the entrance, and smashing the security door.

As soon as the security door shatters, at least three individuals carrying handguns rush to breach the entrance. A second surveillance camera shows Murrar sitting at a counter in the back of the store doing paperwork when the attempted break-in occurs.

He sees the van battering his front door and ducks down behind the counter, cautiously and quickly scanning the entrance a couple of times. He decides to take action, and things really heat up.

As the suspects rush the entrance and attempt to squeeze through the broken metal and glass doorway, Murrar secures a rifle, takes deliberate aim, and fires approximately five shots at the assailants.

He hits at least one of them more than once, 21-year-old Deishun Byrd-McWay. The assailants quickly take flight, but Bird-McWay briefly falls to the ground.

Bird-McWay's accomplices dropped him off at a hospital after making their escape from Bouchards. Bird-McWay appeared in court in late July, clearly recovering from his wounds. He faces two felony counts for the attempted break-in.

Murrar's quick reactions and level headedness are enough to laud him. However, he also spoke with an attitude of thoughtfulness and concern for the man he shot.

"I'm glad the guy made it. Again, I didn't come to work that night or that day to kill somebody, so I hope he recovers from what happened, and he learns a lesson and be a good message for all the young guys out there," he said.

Murrar said he takes his responsibility very seriously and practices at a gun range once a week.

The confidence to skillfully shoot his gun, with a level head, helped this good guy survive a shootout that could have resulted in a very different outcome.

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Dramatic Shootout in Milwaukee Store Caught on Camera [VIDEO]