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The Dragonfly Rod Holder: Fly Fishing Simplified

Dragonfly rod holder
All images by Brad Smith

On a recent trip to Wyoming for fly fishing, I was lucky enough to take along a new product to the industry that I wasn’t very familiar with.

The Dragonfly rod holder, made from the guys over at Outdoor Professionals, or O’Pros for short, seemed sort of like a gimmick to me at first. The idea behind it was simple enough. It was just a clip designed to attach to a wader belt to hold a fly rod. To be honest, I was sort of surprised I hadn’t seen something like it before.

If you are like me, changing flies or catching fish on the river while manipulating a long fly rod is a necessary evil of the game. After catching my first Wyoming rainbow, I quickly realized how incredibly valuable the Dragonfly really was.

dragonfly rod holder
Mike Malchow

I kept the Dragonfly rod holder on my left side. Having the ability to quickly and easily find a place to sit my rod without balancing it on my shoulders, or setting it on the bank, was an benefit which I never really realized was so important.

My rod was kept safe and out out of the way. Not having to mess with my rod while more important things were going on, like unhooking a fish, was nice.

My buddy on the fishing trip, pictured above, felt the exact same way. As a matter of fact, we started rotating days on the water with it. For just $26.99, this functional rod holder will be on every one of my fly fishing trips in the future. It just makes things easier.

As we all know, when it comes to fly fishing, easier is always better.


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The Dragonfly Rod Holder: Fly Fishing Simplified