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For Dr. Duck and Crew, Duck Hunting is a Way of Life [VIDEO]

A group of hunting buddies show just how serious they are about following their passion for duck hunting. It’s a passion year-round.

A group of four east Texas friends pursue duck hunting as more than a simple weekend excursion.

These guys spend as much time, energy, and resources studying the quarry and its habitat as do the most obsessive trophy deer and elk hunters.

The group of duck-obsessed friends is lead by Dennis Loosier, a man they’ve nicknamed Dr. Duck for his uncanny ability to get waterfowl when no one else can. Loosier has a reputation as a man who “eats, breathes, and sleeps duck hunting.”

“When I got into duck hunting,” says Loosier, “it just brought that passion back, to where it just felt like ‘Friday Night Lights’ again.”

Heading into backwater areas few are willing to travel and studying waterfowl behavior like wildlife biologists; duck hunting is truly a lifestyle for these hunters.

The film is presented by Sitka Gear, and shows the same high quality in film production that outdoorsmen have come to expect from the Sitka outdoor clothing and gear line.

The images of ducks coming in to a set in slow motion…that alone is enough to get your duck hunting adrenaline flowing.

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For Dr. Duck and Crew, Duck Hunting is a Way of Life [VIDEO]