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Dozens of Beluga Whales Congregate in the Arctic

beluga whales

Watch breathtaking footage of Beluga whales gathering together in the Arctic wild.

When you think of the Arctic wilderness, the first image that probably comes to mind is endless expanses of snow and ice. However, the Arctic isn’t always buried in the frozen stuff, and this video proves it.

Shot near Somerset Island in the Artic wilderness, this video takes you on an aerial tour of stunning landscapes and beautiful ocean waters thanks to the use of a drone. One of the last nurseries for Beluga whales on earth, Cunningham Inlet attracts thousands of the white mammals every year.

Some polar bears also make an appearance in the video. Swimming through the chilly waters in search of food, the large bears look vividly white against the azure waters.

The sparkling turquoise waters in the video rival the tropical oceans and seas in beauty. This video puts the Arctic wilderness on display in a way that many people have probably never seen it before.

The visuals of this video and the soundtrack are absolutely mesmerizing. It really goes to show you just how beautiful the planet we call home really is.


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Dozens of Beluga Whales Congregate in the Arctic