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A Dozen Must-See YouTube Fishing Channels

Spilt Milt Productions

Here are a dozen must-see YouTube fishing channels you should subscribe to for education and entertainment purposes

Are you ready to dive into the YouTube black hole of fishing videos?

Rex "Tex" Del Rey

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If the comedic value of the thick, Texas accent isn't enough to make you want to subscribe to Rex Del Rey's YouTube channel, you'll be entertained by his no-nonsense approach on how-to videos and "PSAs," such as the one regarding sharing too much information publicly about secret fishing spots.

As a regular contributor to Kayak Fishing Magazine, Rex is also inventor of the "Action Hat," a specially designed hat that makes headstrap camera mounts obsolete.

"Tex" mainly targets the species you would expect, largemouth bass and warmwater species as well as Gulf Coast saltwater species like redfish and speckled trout.

You can also follow him on Instagram.

Spilt Milt Productions

Tyler Hicks is an avid angler who enjoys catching everything from bluegill to king salmon. His "Cascadia Big Fishing Year" was a personal challenge to land as many different species as possible within the course of one year.

In 2014, Hicks landed 84 different species, 50 of which were caught from his kayak. The following summer, Hicks went on a similar quest using a Tenkara rod, (a modernized "cane pole" similar to a fly rod with no reel) landing 13 different species.

A true student of angling, and a teacher that enjoys sharing his knowledge with a broad audience of viewers, "School of Fish" is where he holds courses on a wide variety of techniques for different species. Hicks also runs his own guide service.

"Uncle Steve"

Watching Uncle Steve is like being a child again with Grandpa as your guide. Uncle Steve likes to refer to himself in the third person, and addresses his viewers as "boys and girls."

You can tell the man just enjoys the act of fishing, has a different kind of relationship with the camera and is not concerned with reeling in trophies or inflating his own ego.

Mainly targeting panfish, the videos can be a little anti-climactic and slow-moving, but in a way that can calm your nerves with the zen we all experience from fishing.

N****s on Da River

Screenshot 2015-12-14 20.34.41

This channel features several... "brothaz" from southern California that moved to the Pacific Northwest, preaching the gospel to "Put down the gun and pick up a pole." If you can imagine Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac, Chris Rock, and Kevin Hart fishing in a small boat with Grandpa Redd Foxx steering the ship, you'd have N.O.D.R.

This hilarious channel is only a month old at the time that this article is going to press, and they've already collected nearly a half million views. Directed by Rapper "Westbred Diamond," hosted by "Crappie Killa," and featuring his brother Dishaun, N.O.D.R. has been featured on some unlikely places you would normally hear about fishing, like and Shaquille O'neal's "Shaq Fu Radio," where he mentions N.O.D.R. as his "New favorite fishing show."

You can also follow their progress and connect with other N.O.D.R. in their Facebook group.

Fishing Addicts Northwest

Several F.A.N. videos have been featured on Wide Open Spaces in recent history, including How to Troll like a Pro for Salmon and Using a Rushton Net to land Wild Steelhead. Marlin LeFever, Lonny Brooks and company put together a well-balanced combination of tutorials and "fish porn."

The Fishing Addicts Northwest Facebook Group has well over 11,000 members, their Facebook page has over 22,000 likes, their Twitter account has a growing number of followers just over 650 and they also have a website where you can purchase merchandise and support their brand.

The Fishing Addicts Northwest YouTube Channel has nearly 6,000 subscribers. These masters of social media are some of the most active anglers you'll be able to find online.

Mainly targeting salmon and steelhead, they also cover everything from bass fishing to bowfishing for carp, and you can tell they have a lot of fun doing it.

Captain Quinn

Fellow Wide Open Spaces author Shannon Ratliff recently covered Captain Quinn's parody of "Sh*t Fishermen Say."

Captain Quinn is as much a comedian as he is an angler. I would take any advice he gives with a grain of salt, as the channel is more for entertainment than educational purposes, although there are some exceptions.

Captain Quinn is very consistent and publishes a new video every Wednesday. With 11,600 subscribers and growing, he's a staple for viral fishing video content.

That Guy Skimpy


Delano Fanony's underwater footage of jig fishing for bass was recently covered here on Wide Open Spaces. On top of his insight beneath the water's surface and a growing library of tutorials, Fanony, aka "That Guy Skimpy" spends a great deal of time out in his "tackle shack," which is like Willy Wonka's Soft Plastic Factory.

If you're into pouring your own plastics, lead jigheads, spinnerbaits and tackle crafting, this is the must-watch channel for you. His tutorials on modifying prefabricated molds displays the ambition he has innovation.

Informative Fisherman

What's in a name? This channel has over 60,000 subscribers. That should tell you something.

If you're looking for an online fishing bible categorized by species, you can find it on the Informative Fisherman website. Each species is organized by tabs, allowing viewers to access his extensive library of educational videos on YouTube.

Fishing With Rod

With over 400 High Definition videos of everything from ice fishing for trout to offshore fishing for Halibut, Rodney Hsu's academic background in fisheries biology makes for some very educational content.

The documentary style gives insight of fishery projects and conservation efforst as well as tutorials and fishing fundamentals. Hsu is well traveled, featuring short videos from all over the world as he shares his true passion for being an angler through film.

You can visit his website for an in-depth look into the wealth of information he has to share or follow his adventures on Twitter and Instagram where he has roughly two thousand followers.

Gerald "GMAN" Swindle

If you just want to watch some good ol' fashioned online redneckery, GMAN's channel is where it's at.

Wide Open Spaces has covered GMAN defying weeds to reach his secret fishing hole. You'll also find some "trick casting" on his channel that resembles a competition between Michael Jordan and Larry Bird for the craziest trick shot, as well as a lot of footage of this angler having a ball out on the water.

Hank Patterson

If you want to learn how not to react to a bear, learn about the mysterious cuttyrainbrown trout, or watch some comedy gold of a fly fisherman teach bait chuckers how to fly fish, then subscribe to Hank Patterson's channel.

Filled with parodies of angler stereotypes and misinformation, you'll reel in a few laughs. You can also check out his merchandise and read more of Hank Patterson's deep thoughts on fly fishing philosophies at, such as this word of advice,

"The only thing better than a hopper is two hoppers with a hopper dropper. That's three hoppers."

All Around Angler

Finally, if you're looking for an all around angler who enjoys fishing for multiple species, look no further. This channel features everything from fly fishing for brown trout to offshore trolling for tuna. With consistently new content being added and an extensive library, you'll surely be able to find something that suits your viewing needs on All Around Angler.

You can also check out the blog on the website for further updates and ramblings on all things angling.

Not only are these YouTube channels great entertainment, you might learn a thing or two.

Do you have any favorite anglers you watch? Share them with us on our Facebook page.


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A Dozen Must-See YouTube Fishing Channels