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‘Downton Abbey’ Goes Grouse Hunting and More British Outdoor News [VIDEO]

Grouse hunting was featured in the Christmas special episode of the popular British series ‘Downton Abbey.’

Hunting often has a difficult time gaining positive exposure in the mainstream media. It is often depicted in a negative light. However, the Christmas episode of the popular show “Downton Abbey” did their part to change that by featuring grouse hunting in the show.

Grouse hunting, or as it is known across the pond, grouse shooting, is a popular and traditional part of British outdoor culture.

Check out the report on this grouse hunting episode in the video from Fieldsports Channel below along with several other interesting outdoor news stories from around the world.

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Hopefully other shows and mainstream media outlets will begin to follow “Downton Abbey’s” example and feature hunting in a positive light.

The more that people unfamiliar with the sport learn about it, the better off every hunter will be.

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‘Downton Abbey’ Goes Grouse Hunting and More British Outdoor News [VIDEO]