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Dove and Teal Seasons Set for Texas

Get ready, Texas Parks and Wildlife has released an update for the upcoming dove season.

The Texas dove and teal period includes a 70-day 2014-2015 season. Statewide, the regulations will allow 15-bird daily bag and 16-day early teal and Canada goose season.

North and Central Zones will keep their traditional opening date of September 1. However, be prepared for the season to close on October 20, which is earlier than usual. In these zones, the season will start up again December 19 and continue through January 17, 2015.

As for the South Zone, the first segment of the season will be shorted by five days, but don’t fret, they will be added to the second segment. Opening day for the South Zone will be September 19 and will run through October 20, like the other zones. The season will reopen December 19 and run through January 25, 2015.

Statewide, the daily limit for doves is 15 and the possession limit is 45.

Restrictions for Special White-winged Dove Area:

  • Afternoon hunting only (noon to sunset) for the first two weekends in September (6-7, 13-14)
  • The area will reopen December 19-January 21, 2015
  • Daily bag limit of 15 on these weekends
  • No more than two mourning doves and two white-tipped doves are allowed per bag during the first two weekends in September
  • For open season, there is a bag limit of 15 with a limit of two white-tipped doves

September 13 marks the beginning of the 16-day statewide early teal and Eastern Zone Canada goose season, which runs through September 28.

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The daily teal bag limit is still at six, with a possession limit of 18. The bag limit for Canada geese is three with a limit of six in the early Eastern Zone.

Be prepared for dove and teal season, it is quickly approaching and will quickly disappear as always.

Visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife article here for more information.

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Dove and Teal Seasons Set for Texas