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7 Reasons Why Dove Season is the Best Season [PICS]

Dove season is one of the most popular hunting seasons for a reason.

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Photo via HH Outfitters

Dove are the most abundant and widely hunted birds in the United States. Over 20 million doves are killed by hunters each year, yet doves remain one of the ten most abundant birds in North America.

Further south, our neighbors in South America rate doves as the most abundant bird, and the hunters’ take is sometimes more than ten times what it is the North America.

In some areas, dove hunting is steeped in tradition and is almost a ritualistic event. Hunters pour millions of dollars into the economy at the end of every summer in preparation for the upcoming dove season. Dove season has all the attributes of a community picnic.

Check out the slideshow to see why dove season is the best season.

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1) Dove season is a social event for the whole family

Photo by Joe Riekers

Youngsters and older folks alike love the excitement and typical success of a dove hunt.

2) You see the results of practice

Photo by Joe Riekers

You can see the results of your summer clay target practice when you get to the dove field. Every dove hunter wants to use the least amount of shots to bag their birds. Dove shooting will improve your skills in the duck blind and on the pheasant fields too.

3) Dove season allows for multiple opportunities

Via Texas Dove Hunt

Dove season allows for multiple opportunities. Bag limits can be as much as 15 birds per day in the United States, and some South American areas have no limits. With a season that lasts at least a month, there is ample opportunity for everyone to be successful.

4) Dove season is during nice weather

Via Texas Dove Hunt

Dove season usually starts in September. The weather is still nice enough that hunting does not require an elaborate outfit. In most places, a light T-shirt and pants is all you need. A hat definitely helps to keep the sun off you.

Dove season is the best season because of the weather.

5) No early morning starts necessary

Via Texas Dove Hunt

It’s not necessary to get up at the crack of dawn for dove hunting. In some jurisdictions, dove hunting is not allowed to begin until noon anyway.

Doves like to move early and late, but there is plenty of afternoon action. This allows time for a group breakfast or lunch, getting some chores done or even attending church on Sunday.

7) Mobility impaired hunters can participate

Via The Shoppers Weekly

Dove hunting is a perfect situation for a mobility impaired person to get out and enjoy bird hunting. Since dove hunting can be a stationery event on flat terrain, it is ideal for people that cannot get around well. Everyone can enjoy dove season.

8) The Barbecue

Via Redbone Hunting

Dove hunts has a history of being complimented by a big barbecue. In Texas, you will typically find steak or brisket on the bbq, while in the Carolinas you will find pulled pork.

Every region has its traditions for bbq but sometimes the doves are taken straight from the field and become the grilling fare.

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7 Reasons Why Dove Season is the Best Season [PICS]