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Dove Hunting 101: Learn How to Clean, Store, and Cook Dove [VIDEO]

Learn everything you wanted to know about processing turtle doves.

Dove season is fast approaching for many states across the United States. For many, it’s the first season of the approaching fall hunting seasons.

Dove season is great for humbling shooters. Overall, dove hunters take five to seven shots per bird. In other words, these birds are difficult to shoot due to their speed and agility.

Once you finally burn through a couple of boxes of ammunition, you’ll hopefully have a limit of doves.

Doves are delicious and pretty easy to clean, but this video from Texas Parks & Wildlife will break down the entire process of getting your game to the dinner table.

The recipe provided in the video sounds delicious. Grilled dove stuffed with cheese and jalapeño en brochette calls for simple, but tasty, ingredients.

You simply place cheese and jalapeños in the dove and wrap half strips of bacon around the breast. Delicious!

You should be more than ready for this upcoming dove season now. Dove season is a great time to sharpen shooting skills and also enjoy time with friends and family.

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Dove Hunting 101: Learn How to Clean, Store, and Cook Dove [VIDEO]