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Dove Hunters Detained Outside Texas Air Force Base [VIDEO]

Military police grew suspicious when they saw six men with guns near Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas.

A group of hunters in San Angelo, Texas had a poor start to their dove season.

As KIDY reported, six men were hunting just outside the fence of Goodfellow Air Force Base on opening day when military police, who didn't like seeing armed men near the facility, detained them.

The hunters were made to lay on the ground for half an hour while they waited for local police to arrive.

The dove hunters used the hunting services company Wildlife Systems Inc. to book their outing on private land near the base. Company CEO Greg Simons told the Houston Chronicle that the hunters had notified Air Force personnel of their presence.

However, Goodfellow public affairs officer Nathaniel Roesler denied that this was the case.

This incident caused some outrage on social media as people questioned the right of military personnel to detain citizens who were not on military property. Roesler said military police are allowed to leave the gates of a military facility if they believe they are heading off a threat to that facility.

The dove hunters were released without charge when San Angelo police arrived.

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Dove Hunters Detained Outside Texas Air Force Base [VIDEO]