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Dove Hunt to Get Ready for Deer Season [PICS]

Archery deer season is still a few days off in most states across the country, dove seasons are fully underway. Here’s how getting out for doves now can improve your upcoming deer game.

We all know the standard ways of prepping for deer season: hanging stands, shooting in the backyard, checking trail cams; but have you considered dove hunting as a way to get ready for deer season?

Resharpen Your Killer Instinct

870'ed Doves

For most of us, summer is the time we switch over to do more fishing, with much of that being catch and release.

We were designed to hunt and need to hone that instinct if it’s gotten dull. There’s a long stretch between the end of spring turkey season and the deer opener.

Knocking some birds out of the sky will remind you that you’re an apex predator and retrain your brain to think like one.

Fuel up and Get into Hunting Shape


With little to hunt over the summertime, maybe you’ve gotten a little doughy from sitting indoors with the AC on.

It’s time to lace up your boots and get back out into the field.

Hiking, ducking under cattle fences, heck, even swinging a gun can help your body get limbered up and back into hunting condition.

Fueling your body with clean, healthy dove meat can help your body repair and rebuild making you stronger and more durable.

Understand Deer Movement

Maybe you’ve hung a few game cameras, but we’ve already talked about how they don’t tell the full story of how deer use your property.

Getting out on your land allows you to be immersed in those rhythms.

Cutting through a stand of oaks and hickories on my way to another dove field near a powerline, I found a deer trail I never knew existed before. You can bet I’ll hang a stand there this year.

Take out the Trash

Being out before deer season is the perfect time to notice signs of trespassers or poachers and the best time to alert your local game officer that you suspect trespassing.

You can take preventative measures like increasing signage and locking up gates before they have too much impact on your deer season.

Have a Blast

Covering Katy

Dove hunting is fun…even if you’re only missing.

I spend most of my fall and winter with a bow in my hands so when dove season opens before deer season, I have no temptation to head to the deer stand.

My only option is hunt those gray F-16s…or go out for squirrel (which is a lot of fun too). The point is, it makes you more well-rounded as a hunter.

While doves hunting may not quite match the thrill of getting within bow range of a nice buck, hunting them can help you get into fighting shape for when the time finally comes.

Grab your shotgun, some number eight shells, a bucket to sit on and get ready for deer season!

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Dove Hunt to Get Ready for Deer Season [PICS]