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Doug Giles Goes Black Wildebeest Hunting in South Africa [VIDEO]

Doug Giles Goes Black Wildebeest Hunting In South Africa

Watch this great shot Doug Giles from Clash Daily makes with a .375 H&H Magnum on an awesome black wildebeest bull in South Africa’s highveld.

Doug Giles, of hog hunting with elephant guns and Clash Daily fame, tried out his Ruger #1 chambered in .375 H&H magnum on this black wildebeest on a hunt in the highveld of South Africa.

The black wildebeest is widely regarded as one of Africa’s toughest species of plains game, but check out what that 300gr .375 H&H bullet through the shoulder did to it.

This just goes to show that few animals, no matter how tough they are, can stand up to a properly placed shot from a .375 H&H. At around 300 yards, that was also not an easy shot, and clearly Mr. Doug Giles really knows how to shoot.

Way to go Doug! That’s a great looking black wildebeest and a beautiful rifle.

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Doug Giles Goes Black Wildebeest Hunting in South Africa [VIDEO]