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Doubting the Power of a Cape Buffalo? Here's Another Charge Video

cape buffalo charge video

Check out this crazy cape buffalo charge video to get an idea of just how big and tough these creatures are.

Also known as "Black Death", Cape Buffalo are known for being dangerous creatures and the internet is full of cape buffalo charge videos. While this is not nearly as common of an occurrence as you would think, they do charge hunters on occasion and every now and then somebody gets hurt.

Watch the video to see how close that buffalo gets to the hunters before they finally are able to bring it down. See if you can count how may shots it takes.

It doesn't get much closer than that! I counted four total shots, plus potentially several more from before they started filming. That buffalo didn't even flinch from the first two shots!

I'm not sure exactly where in Africa this cape buffalo charge video was filmed or why the buffalo decided to charge. However, that looks like a hunt that got a little too exciting for my tastes!

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Doubting the Power of a Cape Buffalo? Here's Another Charge Video