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Doublestar Corp. C3: This Might Just Be the Best AR Money Can Buy

In our opinion, the best AR to appear at SHOT Show (and believe us, there were plenty) was Doublestar Corp.'s Constant Carry Carbine, or C3.

You don't have to take our word for it; the C3 earned the "Most Significant AR Platform" award, given by the Outdoor Channel's "Shooting Gallery," a popular show covering the latest in the firearms industry, the Second Amendment, shooting sports and personal defense.

Doublestar Corp. produces high-quality firearms to the commercial market, as well as military and law enforcement groups across the globe, with only forged parts, made in the Bluegrass State.


"Most Significant AR Platform" Award, proudly displayed at the Doublestar exhibit at SHOT Show 2014

We were able to catch up with Kyle Wilson, the National Sales Director for J&T Distributing, which is the umbrella company that stands over Doublestar Corp., its attached training academy, Carlson Comps (which produces muzzle devices) and Ace Limited (which makes fixed and folding stocks).

Wilson had plenty to say about the Doublestar Corp. C3, as well as the aspects that set the company apart from the many emerging companies in the industry.

The first thing many people notice about the C3 is its weight. At only 5.5 pounds, it's a versatile and comfortable rifle that is ideal for beginners, but also great for those looking for a bugout weapon that won't cause backbreaking strain when strapped across their shoulder or carried in a case.

"What sets us apart from other AR companies is the quality of parts that go into our rifles. The average consumer sees only price tags. When the majority of AR companies use offshore parts, cast or millett, DoubleStar uses only forged parts, made in Bluegrass. There is a reason we carry a lifetime warranty on our products," Wilson said.

Other offerings from Doublestar Corp. include their 3 Gun Rifle, intended for use in 3 gun competitions and used as a stage gun on NBC Sports' "3 Gun Nation."

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Of course, companies like Doublestar Corp. are constantly working to improve, which led to the next version of the Constant Carry Carbine to be released.

"This year's version, the C4, is actually a pound lighter, and we're expecting bigger things out of it," said Wilson.

Bigger than winning AR of the Year? If Doublestar Corp. has proven anything, it's that they will continue to innovate and provide fantastic pieces of weaponry.


Doublestar Corp.'s Constant Carry Carbine

When nudged for a little insight on the materials used, specifically to reduce weight in the C3, Wilson didn't want to leak too much information.

"I can't let all our secrets out of the bag. We have a great team of engineers at our facilities in Kentucky. We come to work each day with a goal of improving our product and giving our loyal growing customers the best AR on the market," he said.

That improvement stems from the Kentucky facilities, where J&T Distributing create their firearms and accessories.

"We are growing as a company," Wilson mentioned, "and for years we've known our limitations. Now we've got our fourth facility going up, in Winchester, Kentucky. It's a 40,000 square foot facility, and it's going to help us meet more demand with supply."


Up-close with the C3

We had to ask Wilson what sort of fundamentals have helped J&T become so successful, and his answer was insightful.

"Superior product, great family, and we are the gold standard in this industry. The relationships we have established over the years. If you were to survey anyone in the industry from coast to coast, a repeating theme would be how we treat others. We treat others in the industry like family, and we have helped many companies overcome obstacles throughout the years. With our top of the line rifles and how we treat others, those two together is a home run."

On top of the great products that roll out of the J&T family of companies, Wilson mentioned some extracurricular activities that go above and beyond a typical firearm manufacturer's duties.

"Something else that separates us from other companies is [that] we've been in discussion with several of the large retailers, and we are not only just supplying them with top of the line rifles, but we're coordinating with departments of wildlife, and doing different projects to bring new people to the industry who don't know anything about shooting," said Wilson. "So we're deeply entrenched in that."

Those kind of things are what make J&T a mainstay at events like SHOT Show, which once again proved to be successful for Doublestar Corp.

"This SHOT Show has been a record year for us, and we expect that trend to continue," added Wilson.

We see no reason why it won't.

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Doublestar Corp. C3: This Might Just Be the Best AR Money Can Buy